Orange Bike Planter: A Wearable Planter for Your Bike

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Orange Bike Planter: A Wearable Planter for Your Bike

Do you love riding bikes? What about plants? Bring your plants on an adventure and let them enjoy some sunshine and fresh air! If you’ve ever dreamed about attaching a plant to your bike, now you’re in luck! This bike planter is made with 3D printing tehcnology, so not only will you be showing off your love of nature, but you’ll be showing off a little piece of the future.

This planter attaches firmly to your bike with an elastic nylon cord, and will fit snugly on most tube sizes. And you’ll have to supply your own plant and bicycle to make your next adventure fully amazing!

This bike planter is created digitally with modeling software and is then 3d printed out of nylon and hand dyed orange and sealed. Due to the hand dying process, the color of this planter may vary slightly. This planter works best with a clipping from a succulent that has been allowed to take root or a large air plant.

Measures 2.3” tall, 1.4” wide, and 1” deep. This listing is for an orange bike planter with a blue elastic cord. Directions for use are included with the planter. This item ships domestically and internationally via USPS Priority Mail. TDhis item is made to order, and takes about 2 weeks to ship.

Orange Bike Planter A Wearable Planter for Your by wearableplanter